Our 2018 Charity

The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada
"The Center"

Local to Las Vegas? Visit The Center

Last year we raised $2,000

This year is the second “official” DEFCON Furs event line up at DEFCON. We are organized by furries, and thus altruism is in our code. DEFCON Furs wants to help give back to the local community of Las Vegas, so we decided that our charity would again be the wonderful Las Vegas pride center. Can we beat 2k this year? With your support you bet we can!

The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada, a community-based organization, supports and promotes activities directed at furthering the well-being, positive image, and human rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community, its allies, and low to moderate income residents in Southern Nevada.

The Center provides a safe place for people to access programs and services that benefits the LGBTQ community and is open to everyone. They have programs for all people including youth, seniors, trans, and people living with HIV. All of their programs and services are free (aside from event hall room reservations).

DEFCON Furs Charity Raffle

We are holding a charity raffle to raise money for The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada.

Raffle Prizes

  • Knot Gag - Donated by Primal Hardwere
  • Krubera w/ medium egg mold kit - Donated by Primal Hardwere
  • 2018 Queercon Badge - Donated by @Queercon
  • 2019 Queercon Badge - Donated by @Queercon
  • Rare, unobtanium MrRobotBadge - Donated by @MrRobotBadge
  • AND!XOR DC26 Badge - Donated by AND!XOR
  • DEFCON 26 Flying Quadcopter Indy Badge with Laser Cut Box - Donated by @B1un7
  • 1 of every shitty add-on made by TwinkleTwinkie - Donated by TwinkleTwinkie
  • 3 Unique Overwatch T-Shirts (S, M, L) - Donated by Jack
  • BSides Cape Town 2017 "Flux Capacitor" Badge - Donated by @elasticninja
  • 3 DC Darknet Badges, maybe even some eggplant shitty add-on badges to go with them - Donated by DCDarknet
  • 4 EL wire glasses - Donated by Anonymous
  • SecBarbie DEF CON Party Pack - Donated by @SecBarbie
  • Defcon26 1983 themed Amp badge - Donated by @distracteddave
  • DCZia 2018 Prototype Badge - Lights up, 4x4 Grid of mechanical keys with RGB leds under each key, OLED screen. Custom PCB color and shape for this prototype - Donated by @LithoChasm
  • Corgi Butt shitty add-on - Donated by @LithoChasm
  • "shitty add-on" shitty add-on - Donated by @B1un7
  • Mini black powder cannon (legal) from DCshoot (cannon & instructions only no black powder no fuse, no shot) - Donated by @BMP51
  • Prototype Lonely Hackers Club Badge - Donated by @techgirlmn
  • "Lead Lover" card from Phreaker Life card game. This is a Rare card from the newly released phreaker & hacker trading card game called Phreaker Life (http://phreaker.life) published by Hak4Kidz (http://hak4kidz.com). The game and hidden puzzles on the card backs is an analog badge apart of the Badge Life community. The card name is "Lead Lover" with a shout out to the #badgelife Twitter hashtag at the bottom. This is card number 44 out of 80 base cards. When taking rarity into the equation, the "Lead Lover" Rare card is 1 of 296 cards! Only 50 of 23,000 cards of it's type are printed at a time. This specific card would have a 0.21739% chance of being found in a standard Starter Deck. Not Your Hobby...Your Life. - Donated by @hak4kidz
  • Novahackers DC26 badge - Donated by @WiK
  • 2018 Diana Initiative Badge - Donated by Diana Initiative
  • 2019 Diana Initiative Badge - Donated by Diana Initiative
  • No Step On Snek shitty add-on (art by @twinkletwinkie, fabricated by @jonathansinger) - Donated by @jonathansinger
  • zerofucks unitythroughdiversity challenge coin - Donated by @theDawgCr8
  • 5 Robot 1-X shitty add-on badges - Donated by @tamperinfo
  • A set of all of @badgepirates shitty add-ons (BP skull, Defcon Parties, SecKC the World Party) and one of our Dev/Daughter boards - Donated by @badgepirates

Raffle Tickets

Tickets will be sold in person at our 18+ Queercon Furries and Kinksters Meetup event Friday afternoon, at the 21+ Queercon Pool Party friday night, and at our 21+ 0 Day Wolf Party saturday night. All of the money from ticket sales will be donated to the charity named above.

  • 1 TICKET: $5
  • 5 TICKETS: $20
  • 35 TICKETS: $100

CASH PREFERRED - Cards Accepted for $20+.

Raffle Drawing

Timing and location details soon!

Raffle Prize Sponsors

Primal Hardwere

Primal Hardwere is a small, sex-positive company based in central New Hampshire. They bring unique and niche products to the adult toy industry for lesser known fetishes while providing an unparalleled, service-forward customer experience.


Queercon started 10 years ago as a hacker party inside of the annual Defcon hacker conference. Over the decade Queercon has grown into the largest social network of LGBT hackers from around the world. We continue to grow and now focus on outreach to the LGBT community within the IT Security and Hacker Spaces. @Queercon

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Diana Initiative

Hosts a two day conference celebrating diversity, women in InfoSec, and how to pursue a career in information security and technology. @dianainitiative

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#badgelife PCB "Artist". @mrtwinkletwink


#badgelife maker that made that crazy flying quadcopter badge. @B1un7

Distracted Dave

#badgelife maker of the Defcon26 1983 themed Amp badge. @distracteddave


Hak4Kidz is the first official youth based ethical hacking conference in Chicago that is *not* a hackathon. @hak4kidz


#badgelife maker team. @ANDnXOR


#badgelife maker of the MrRobotBadge Badge. @MrRobotBadge


dcdark.net - @DCDarknet


Infosec. Software. Electronics. SDR. Not yet a cyborg. @elasticninja

Jason // DCZia

Computer security cowboy, car guy, synth nut, photographer, & gamer. VJ and Co-founder of Alchemy @ Effex Nightclub, Co-founder DCZia. @LithoChasm


Cyber/Information Security, Partner at @UrbaneSec, DJ Bubbles, Fine Dining Lover, Wine Butler, Airstream Addict and student of life! @SecBarbie


#badgelife maker of the Lonely Hackers Club Badge. @TechGirlMN


#badgelife maker / Vell, WiK's just zis guy. @jaimefilson